Era of Jubilee

(Doesn’t that sound dandy?)

My new classes today were grand.  First off was Biology with Celesthe, Diego, and Greg.  Boring, but fun.  Cliche, but okay.  It should be a good remainder of the year.

Second was Photography, which I was pleasantly surprised to have with Danya.

Third on the list was Pre Calc, which seems awful and hard, not to mention I have no friends in the class, but Lizzy’s offered to tutor me in it if I’ll do the same to her with AP Euro.  I didn’t do fabulously, barely mediocre, if that, but I have vowed to do my best.

I had lunch with gobs of people, which made me happy as can be, even though the table was crowded and Lizzy and I ended up sitting somewhere else.  It’s weird having such a crowded table– every other semester thus far, there have only been a few people sitting around me.  I guess the second shift is more popular than the first and fourth.

Fourth block was Guitar, which definitely seems like it’ll be fun.  I know nothing about music, despite having attempted to play four different instruments (in order: piano, flute, drums, trombone), so I’m hoping I’ll actually learn a thing or two in the class.

Well, I’m on top of the world and about to tip off, so I must be going.  A dizzy storm is ahead.

(Plus I’m nearing the end of my stocking cap and I’m quite anxious to finish.  Also, I recorded the majority of an episode of Sherlock Holmes [I know!  Can you believe there even is such a show!  Epicness abounds!] and I need to finish that.)

Oh, oh, oh, and guess what else?  What with our insane amount of television channels, we have English News, French News, and Russian News channels!  Can you even breathe with all of the awesomeness packed into that sentence?!?


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One Response to “Era of Jubilee”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hope! I didn’t know you had a blog! And I also didn’t know that there was a Sherlock Holmes TV show! Care to enlighten me?

    My lunch table is incredibly crowded too. Or not. I’m not entirely sure if the table itself is crowded, or if the people around me are so loud it seems very crowded.

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