I broke the computer… [I’m using Jake’s laptop right now]

It was an accident, honest, I’m not even entirely sure how it happened… but it did, and it’s my fault.  It now has a virus, the “root virus,” I think it’s called, where the virus takes control of the computer as an administrator and locks all programs, including ones that would fix it.  It will cost roughly two hundred dollars to get it fixed, and quite frankly that’s not in my family’s budget right now.  So, now every time I mention computers I remember the one I broke and feel disappointed in myself.

In the end, this is mostly all that I have to say.  The remainder of my break has been good, today I bought a lot of yarn from two yarn sales, and now I’m all set.  I also bought more yarn for my Ravenclaw scarf, as I said I would, and so I can finish that what with my computer time freed up.  In fact, I’m nearly finished with it already, and soon I intend to knit the cardigan I’ve always talked about knitting and even bought the yarn for.

Goodbye for a while, good night, love you all.  If anybody knows of a different, preferably cheaper way to fix our computer that would be GREATLY appreciated, though I’m not going to put my hopes up…

Farewell, my lovelies, the last time for a long time.


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3 Responses to “I broke the computer… [I’m using Jake’s laptop right now]”

  1. Eileen Says:

    we had a virus too, you can just reinstall windows and it is all fine.. if you know someone who knows a bit about computer he/she should able to advise..should cost nothing, perhaps a ncie coffee..good luck!

  2. computer support Says:

    List of Computer repair companies

  3. supposedly Says:

    Thanks so much! I’ll let my mother know.

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