More of the Same and Something Else

It sure doesn’t feel like a Friday, and I mean that, probably because we haven’t had school for ages and school days help distinguish the days from each other.  They help make sure the days of the week don’t all mold together into one great big clay day in the kiln, which they are doing as of late.

Today I knit more, like yesterday, while watching a movie on On Demand called Mermaid, which is really sad and based on a true story, except the mother annoyed me so much that it was kind of ruined.

I only knit one fingerless glove, so today probably couldn’t even be considered a day of knitting.  I’m about to begin the stocking cap I’ve waited so long to make, in Ravenclaw movie colors.  Speaking of Ravenclaws, I still haven’t made any more progress with the Ravenclaw scarf I’ve been knitting in book colors, completely because I still need to get some more blue yarn and I’m currently on that stripe color.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the sound of the ceiling fan spinning round and round.  I was sleeping in the sunroom last night on a couch, along with Emma on the other couch next to me, because I wanted to stay up and watch more Twilight Zone and finish the hat for Lydia, not Emma, because it ended up being too small for her, which I did, by the way, if this sentence makes any sense at all.  The ceiling fan gave me an enormous headache, anyway, and after lying there  not being able to get to sleep for quite some time I gave up and went to my own bed, where I fell asleep rather quickly.  The end.

So, my stats have been steadily declining, I’m guessing because many of my friends who read this continuously are bandies, and therefore currently in Tennessee doing something or another.

Well, as I said, I’m about to start a stocking cap, so farewell.  Best wishes!


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