The New Year is Not Here Yet

I thought I would post now just in case I don’t feel up to posting later, seeing as I’m staying up to usher the new year in like every single other year.

If I do feel like posting and have a chance to, I’ll either add something here or make a new post if it’s long enough.

So, today:

Firstly my mother helped me take some rows out of my father’s hat because I decided it really was too big for him. Now it’s all finished except for two strands of yarn that need to be woven in still.

I watched Untold Stories of the ER for a while. Then I decided it was probably time to make something out of my time and so I proceeded to cast on for a knitting project, but I kept using the wrong size needles and by the time I found the correct size it was time to do something else, which was:

Making rice krispy treats! Surprisingly, I’ve never made them before. I made them with Benny and Lydia, microwave style, and I was happily surprised at how easy they were. From start to finish, less than half an hour, and that was with getting distracted and many small interruptions and all. They’re all done now and from a taste are quite scrumptious.

Well, I hope you all have lovely new years. Mine will be spent eating the traditional chili no beans cheese dip with tortilla chips and then the best dinner ever, my father’s specialty, the tortilla chip chicken. Then we’ll stay up late, of course, or early, depending on whichever way you look at it, watching the ball drop (ha ha) on the telly (it sounds so much better than tv or television– it actually doesn’t sound like a disease!) along with playing monopoly as tradition dictates and then, when the clocks strike midnight, toasting with sparkling apple cider. Delicious.

Happy almost new year and farewell!

How do you all spend your new year’s eves?

FIRST EDIT: Just kidding about the sparkling apple cider. Apparently, there’s been something in the news about people drinking it, pretending it was alcohol, and driving crazily. My dad saw it and brought home sodas instead, plus we have orangeade, which is my favorite drink of all time, so it’s all good.

SECOND EDIT: Just kidding about the first edit– apparently, my father was tricking me, and because Clara went along with it, I figured it was true. We didn’t get sparkling apple cider this year because of… some other reason. I dunno.


The new year is finally here!  2008 has been a bumpy but comfortable ride, full of memories, at least, that will not be soon forgotten.

It was ridiculous but somehow funny because roughly 15 seconds before the ball dropped in Times Square our telly spontaneously turned off.  By the time it turned back on the ball had dropped and the new year had arrived., a crazy end to a supremely crazy year.


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