Another “Today I” and Tomorrow

Today I (you knew it was coming)

knit an ear flap hat for my father for his upcoming birthday (like he’s been asking me to for a long, long time) using some brown worsted weight yarn doubled up while watching The Elephant Man.  Much as Rachel said it did to her, it made me cry.

A lot.

It was good, though, very good.  It made me think.  (I feel like I’ve said that exact same thing about another movie– Eraserhead, maybe? )

After all, it was a film of David Lynch.  I’m fairly certain I’ve only seen two of his movies, but both were fantastically moving.

Tomorrow my family and I will be going to the mall to finally use up some coupons for free pretzels that expire tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, it will be New Year’s Eve.  It definitely does not feel like it’s been a year since the last December 31st.  It seems like either much more or much less time.

So long now.  I am still in a knitting frenzy and I feel that I’ve got to start something new.


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