The day after Christmas: Not much to say, is that okay?

This post is late late late, at least significantly later than I’d like it to be, but I still have the same amount of nothing to say so it seems perfectly alright to me.

Today my Uncle Ray came over. I usually only see him once or twice a year, pretty much the same routine, only this time he brought along his girlfriend, Anne, possibly his soon-to-be fiance, according to the adults, aka my parents and grandparents. She was nice. She laughed a lot, but that’s not necessarily a negative. Positive people are often marvelous.

The funny thing is, if they did end up getting married, she would be Auntie Anne. Actually, we don’t call our aunts Auntie, so she would just be Aunt Anne, but still. Funny, funny thought.

Oh, so anyway, with Uncle Ray it’s the exact same group of questions. I believe I’ve mentioned this awhile back, but I’ll recap for anybody who hasn’t heard it before. The questions are: “What’s your boyfriend’s name?/How many boyfriends do you have?” (as if I have one, much less more than one. encouraging polygamy, eh? ha ha), and “Do you play any sports?” (no way jose, they’re still ridiculous and of no interest to me). Oh, he also always asks what grade I’m in, how old I am, and other such questions. Pretty ridiculous, eh? Yup yup.

Uncle Ray bought us movie gift certificates for Christmas. Everybody says we’re going to see Marley and Me but I really desperately want to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so maybe by dad and Jake and I, or something, will see that while my mother and the littles sees the other, at least, I hope so. Speaking of Jake, I think tomorrow night I’ll be going to one of his band “gigs,” which sounds ridiculous, like a lot of things lately. The word, not the idea of a band gig. Gig gig gig. Weird, I tell you. Anyway, so it’ll be at some pizza joint. Loud, it shall be, but interesting and somewhat cheery music, so it should be fun.

It’s late and I still have to take a shower, so I bid you all farewell. Tomorrow we’re going to my grandmother’s house bright and early (actually, at around 10:30 am). My aunt (Megan) is going to have a baby in a few days and my family’s pretty much all sick so we’re literally all going to be wearing doctor/surgeon masks. No, really. Wouldn’t want anybody to get sick. Everybody will be wearing one. It’s one of the most hilarious and ridiculous ideas I’ve ever heard, like something out of a movie, but

I activated my new cellphone this morning. Same number as before.

Farewell, goodbye, try not to cry (sorry, that’s a rhyme– I could not resist). Love you all.

EDIT: Oh oh oh, and guess what came today?  It was a Christmas present that hadn’t come in time– a flip and tumble reusable bag!

In case you have no clue what that is, here’s a photo of it in all its glory (same color as I got, too):

And here it is once it’s scrunched up (yup, it scrunches up to the size of a peach!!!):

Amazing, eh?  Go to to buy your own.


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