Typing this up early…

Usually I go to bed early on Christmas Eve and, what with Secret Santa and Hanukkah and all in a little while, I figured I’d post now just in case I don’t have a chance to later. I’ll add to this if I have time.

Also, because of Christmas tomorrow, I might not have a chance to post then either.

Now, now, what on earth have I been doing today?

First of all, I knit another soap sack, this time for my grandmother, the one that lives with us.

Secondly, I baked, Christmas-related, of course. I helped Emma make chocolate chip cookies first. She is very stubborn in that she wants to do everything herself, even though she’s never baked cookies herself before. She refused my help and instead tried to bake them herself. Like I figured she would, she messed up. Not even following the directions, she put all of the ingredients in the mixer at once instead of mixing them two or three at a time and then gradually adding more ingredients. Luckily, they were more or less saved, but they are kind of salty and taste as if whole wheat flour were in them instead of regular old flour. Not necessarily a bad thing, but still.

The second thing I baked was a few dozen butter balls. Yeah, that’s seriously what they’re called. Not my decision. I’ve made them once before and I don’t like them all that much, strange considering I usually go for any type of cookie. The rest of my family, however, reacts rather enthusiastically to them and enjoys them immensely so I figured, what the hey, it’s the holiday season, the time for giving and all of that jazz. To change things up a bit, I put a single chocolate chip in the center of the little cookies and I think they turned out rather nicely.

The third thing I baked, or just made, rather, not really baking, was chocolate covered pretzels for my father. He loves those, and usually we make them to give as gifts and he looks at them longingly. They have red and green sprinkles and are refrigerating now.

Oh, and I received Maureen Johnson’s cheer card in the mail today! Basically, it’s an autographed holiday card. Maureen Johnson is a fabulous young adult author, in case you’re out of the loop, in which case I shun you. Only kidding.

Now, now, the holidays are cheering me up a bit tooo much (if that’s possible) and I need to get off the computer. My hands are shaking with excitement, practically.

Oh oh oh, and I finished the ornament I was making! It’s titled The Life and Death of a Human because the top of it is shiny and cheerful, youthful and pure, and then, gradually, as the pretty colored sequins ran out, the colors become duller until, at the very end, they are drab as can be, as if aging. At the very bottom is a single bright colored sequin, a last sparkle before death. Very sad, but I am proud of it, and it has meaning, always a good thing.

Farewell my lovelies. I hope you all have very merry Christmases or Hanukkahs or Kwanzaas or whichever holidays you happen to celebrate. If nothing, then I hope you have marvelous upcoming days, anyhow.

Miss you.



************P.S.: Anwar/HAHA.sg has a new submission up on Threadless. What, you ask, is so awesome about it? Well, he used portraits of faces of people who volunteered in it! 34 people, in fact! And I am one of them! I am on the right side closer to the bottom than the top, reading a book of course, with long bangs. If you have an account on Threadless, 5 and buy, I tell you! Here’s the link:


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