Homework, Baking, and Making a Movie

I am just about finished with this weekend’s homework– Child Development bookwork, AP Euro outlines (which I finished a while ago– hooray!) and English homework (a brochure advertising an imaginary product). All I need to do is color in the brochure, and I’m home free for the entire weekend.

The brownies I’m making are in the oven… boy, I’ve been baking a LOT lately. Maybe it’s because I’m in the Christmas spirit and Christmas usually equals baked goods.

Tomorrow I will be going over to Ashley’s place, along with Courtney, and we will be making our movie, the filming part, which will probably end up being the best part. The lines are hilarious and I will have a very tough time keeping a straight face.

(Person 1: We’ve been really distant lately…

Person 2: [robot]: We are only sixteen inches apart.)

Let the hilarity ensue!

Like, five or six people followed me on Twitter today. Very strange. Three or four were from a television show called Mad Men, which I’ve never even seen before.

Now, now, now, I have nothing to do but I will leave you. I’m super excited about Christmas and Hanukkah and everything, really. Wallie, if you’re reading this: Have a fantastic time in Florida!

Bye now. I should be updating this weekend but if I don’t, know there’s a reason for it. Christmas shopping, perhaps, or something of the sort.

P.S. For the record, I accidentally approved a comment on a past post.  It’s a good thing I clicked on ‘view post,’ because it turns out it was somebody advertising porn.  Tricky people.


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