For goodness sakes!

Courtney, what is the deal with not answering your phone?!?

In other news–

I’m reading the Wikipedia article on Chuck Norris at this moment. Very interesting.

I baked loads of miniature sugar cookies for Bake Cookies Day, today’s holiday. I might end up bringing some in to school tomorrow. Ask for one if you see me. They’re pretty snazzy. And tiny. Tiny is cute. I would mention the recipe I used, but I can’t find it… much like the mitten pattern… hmm… I SENSE A THIEF!

Hey, did you know that you can read entire books online for FREE? Go to It’s AWESOME. And FREE. I will surely be going on there in the future. Classics tend to be classics for a reason, and I’ve been trying to read more classics lately.



My sincerest apologies, but I have nothing more to speak of.


I love tights!

And woolen socks!

And umbrellas!

By the way, I think I might be getting a new phone soon. I dearly like my current one, but apparently after having one for two years, I am eligible for an upgrade, and there’s this super neat one that I like very much.

Good night, everybody. I’ll be here ’till…for a long time, my dears. Do not fret.


EDIT: Here’s a photo, for your viewing pleasure:::

Believe me, it’s the coolest picture ever.  Just ask Google.

Other close contenders:

This, oddly/ironically enough, is one of Google’s worst pictures:

Aaaand, just because, here are a few pictures somebody I follow on twitter (iDanSimpson) has recently linked to.  He always links to the BEST photos.

The real reason that guy threw his shoes at Bush:

Polar bear attack:


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