Exploding With Awesomeness

I’ve spent a significant amount of my time after Wednesday Club (where I played Hangman with Daniel, which was EPIC) rating, commenting, and viewing Project for Awesome videos.  If you’re reading this and don’t know what it is, check out http://www.projectforawesome.com/.  It’s for a number of great causes.

Now, besides that-

In Knitting and Crocheting Club today, I began my second mitten.  I actually lost the original pattern so I’m adapting a different one and hoping it turns out relatively the same.

Right now I’m thinking about all of the hate and all of the love in the world, all of the good and all of the bad.  There are so many wonderful things about everything and everyone, but evil as well.  The classic good vs. evil.

My father borrowed a GPS system from a guy at his work to see how he likes it because he’s been wanting one for a long time.  It is grand, I tell you.

We finished watching Gallipoli in AP Euro.  How did I know that the ending would make me cry?  War movies always end tragically.

It’s a good day, a very good day indeed.  (Kapillionth time I’ve said that, but eh)

Farewell, my children, and otherwise.




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