Blegh, I just realized that I spent the entire day waiting.

Waiting for what, you ask?  Waiting for somebody to call me back.  Basically, I played a lot of phone tag with two different people, Courtney and Ashley, trying to set up a time to go over to somebody’s house and finish our English movie script.  Courtney still hasn’t answered back, so I’m thinking either she lost her phone or she’s at the movies, meaning she can’t have her phone on.  Otherwise, Courtney, you’ve let me down.  Only kidding, it’s alright, I just hope you have a valid excuse!

SO, because I did nothing but wait for calls the entire day, I have nothing to account for.  Actually, now that I think about it, I did watch the new episode of The Office on, the one from Thursday that I  missed.  Plus, I surfed the net, which I do a lot and is nothing special.

After this post, I will be searching for a cookie recipe that does not involve chocolate chips.  I hope they turn out well.


P.S. Also, my father put up holiday lights, if that counts for something.


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