What the heckaroonski?

I skip out on posting for a day or two, and eighty-two views? Huh? That includes twenty searches for possums and nine for baby elephants as well as a variety of other cheerful tags.

Now, so what is my excuse? It is a good one, so listen up. My computer was not working. The internet refused to even come up, so of course I couldn’t post anything. Granted, I guess I could have posted on my cell phone, seeing as it has internet access and all, but that would have been super expensive and I have enough on my plate what with the enormous overdue library fines.

Hmm, what else have I been up to lately? Wednesday was Wednesday Club, of course, and I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that. Thursday I helped out at a Parent’s Night Out in the preschool, which was crazy hectic but good fun nonetheless. Then, today, I stayed after to work on the script for an English project, a B-Movie Horror Film involving evil robots. Fun, fun.

I have most certainly bored everybody to tears saying this all day, but: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S THE WEEKEND! This week has gone by so absurdly fast, and this year, in general. There are less than three weeks left in the semester, and then the school year is HALFWAY OVER, meaning I am HALFWAY to being a junior. I am getting all shivery just thinking about that. MY GOSH, I am getting old!

“O, the times! O, the customs!”

Farewell, my lovelies. I hope to finish my blue mittens this weekend so I’ll have something toasty to wear on my hands on Monday.

Cheerio, dots, for realio. (that is fun to say! try it!)

EDIT: Okay, I only missed one day: yesterday.  See, I’m not all that bad!

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