Things and things alike (my English teacher hates that word)

So, for English (going along with the title and all), we have to bring in something tomorrow that represents us (for instance, my teacher loves Disney World and works there during the summers, so he has a mickey hat).  We’re supposed to put our item in a box and then tomorrow they will all be mixed up and then matched back to their owners.   I am not going to say what I’m bringing on the slight chance that somebody from my English class is reading this, but I’m hoping that whoever gets it will actually be able to match it back to me.  I am very quiet in that class, so I don’t think so.

Besides the English assignment:

The cookies went over well today.  They’re all gone, so that must be a positive sign.

Wednesday Club was great, as always, though while I was pretending to be asleep Wallie twisted my arms repeatedly to get me to “wake up” and they’re still a bit red and sore.  Don’t worry, Wallie, I forgive you.  You can’t help being so violent.  (just joking, for anybody who takes this seriously– he’s really not violent)

We had white cheese quesadillas for dinner.  They were delicious.

Hmm, what else?  I know I have something to mention…

Ah, the holiday season: it is quickly approaching.  We’re having a smaller Christmas this year (I know I’ve mentioned that before, but oh well) and I don’t know if I’ll end up getting anybody anything at all.  I’m a bit broke at the moment (another reason I’m kind of anxious to turn sixteen: I’ll be able to get a job), so…

There is nothing more to say, other than (wow, I’ve really gotten into the habit of saying that, haven’t I?) that I hope your days are wondrous.

Until we meet again,



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2 Responses to “Things and things alike (my English teacher hates that word)”

  1. wallie Says:

    I’am so sorry i feel horrible i didn’t know i twisted it that hard. Oh and thanks for telling everyone that im not really violent that would be bad. sorry again!

  2. supposedly Says:

    You are already forgiven. And yes, that would be bad, very bad indeed, ha ha.

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