Of three parts: Cookies, Pop-ups, and Miscellaneous

Firstly, cookies:

I am in the process of making cookies right now, both for Baked Goods Club (I missed last week) and just because my family loves cookies, particularly my father. He lets me stay up past my bedtime to bake cookies sometimes; that’s how much he loves them. Anyway, so, these particular cookies I am making are very soft and chewy and buttery, all miraculously AT THE SAME TIME. Mia, one of our two family creepers/cats, keeps trying to get at the dough that’s not cooked yet and then, when I enter the room, she begins to watch the ceiling fan spin around as if that could fool me. I am on to your evil cookie dough-stealing plot, you dastardly cat.

Secondly, Pop-ups:

This probably doesn’t deserve its own section and should be under the more vague “miscellaneous” category but, alas, I created the title before the post and I do not particularly want to go back and change it. Yesterday, I forgot a title altogether, so you all should be perfectly happy with a lame, misleading one. Anyway, so, pop-ups: for some reason, my computer has started aging and apparently forgetting to block pop-ups. There are a lot of ones for Wal-mart, and also for a video game website, and additionally for other random things, but those two are the ones that come up most often. I don’t really mind pop-ups, in fact, I sometimes quite like them, but I feel like letting you all know about this problem, if you could call it that, anyways.

Now, on to the brief, vague, miscellaneous part:

I have been looking at humorous and amusing (which happen to go hand in hand most of the time) things on the internet for the most of this afternoon. I have also been looking at fashion blogs of quite a few people. I have nothing accomplished, but hey, at least I have some inspiration to look back on.

And, indeed, that is all I have to say. I must get back to the cookie baking if I wish to finish by the end of the night.

Oh, joyous happenings, tomorrow is Wednesday and therefore the lovely Wednesday Club!

P.S. Also, I want to note that today’s AP Euro test was not the toughest yet, but it was definitely the one that involved the most writing: three pages rather than the usual tiny bit over two, and I could have written more, but I had to wrap it up, as time was running low.


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