Apparently, the possum is a highly searched-for item

…I have 58 views from yesterday, even though I didn’t post anything new, the majority of which are from searches for possums.  It has been the same thing, though not as severe, for the British journalist, Isha Sesay, that came up as a random article on Wikipedia a while back.  That probably has something to do with the fact that the wordpress tags page of her is the fourth link on Google, and my post on her is one of the only two there.

Anyway, so about not posting yesterday, that’s partly because of Wednesday Club and trash night, and partly because I was making plans about something today (that’s the reason I most likely won’t be posting today besides this one, and if I do it will be really late), and also partly because I forgot.  The plans involve my friend Rachel coming home with me after school (and we’ll see the Pixies guy on my bus!) and then we’re going to be watching Eraserhead.  It’ll be grand, I tell ya.

Well, that’s all, unless you wish to know that I had $18.20 in library overdue fines.  I really wish they didn’t have those, except, like most things, it’s there for a reason.  Anyway, so I paid part of it, lowering it down to where I could still check out books.  I checked out six.  I haven’t been reading a lot lately.

Goodbye now.  Happy Thursday (wow, it really doesn’t feel like Thursday… a Tuesday, maybe, but there’s no way it’s Thursday already).


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