40,004 words, baby!

That is all.

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5 Responses to “40,004 words, baby!”

  1. mdy001 Says:

    Nanowrimo? How’s that going? I’m interested in trying it some day…what’s your novel on? if you have time to reply with your writing-quotas…

  2. supposedly Says:

    It is going fantastically, at least compared to what it was a few days ago, when I got into a writing slump and barely wrote at all for over a week.

    My novel is about somebody named Theodore who, rather than dying the way most people do, is initiated into a confederation of other “chosen” ones. Basically, the entire novel chronicles Theodore’s adventures as a new member of the confederation and centers on going back in time with a few other members to find out how he died.

    As for your interest in NaNoWriMo, I HIGHLY suggest it. This is my second year participating, and I must say it is simultaneously one of the most stressful, fun, and rewarding experiences of my life.

  3. mdy001 Says:

    Sounds pretty trippy…wouldn’t mind taking a look at it sometime. It goes to 50k words doesn’t it?

    Check out my blog sometime, I’m a creative writer first and a freelancer second despite what it might suggest 😛 if you want, drop me a comment : )

  4. supposedly Says:

    Yeah, 50k.

    I’ll be sure to check out your blog- it sounds neat.

  5. mdy001 Says:

    awesome : ) stay the course, less than 10k to go 😛

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