If I happened to ask you what you thought of hypothetical questions, how would you answer?

Club Day was a blast as always, as was Wednesday Club.  Confusing, but a blast.  Also, it was very cold outside, but I liked it.

Recent searches by readers that led to my blog:

*blue magic powder

*cute elephant in a dress

*cactus face

*strange lokking babies (yes, ‘lokking,’ not ‘looking’)

Off-topic– I wish I could live in another country for awhile.  No reason, I just do.  It would be an interesting experience, I think.

These recent weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds and so on until infinity have been good.  I am so happy with everything happening in my life right now.  Sorry to be overly optimistic, if there is such a thing, but I am serious.  I love every little person and thing involved with it.

Except, I still do wish I could whistle really well.  I would enjoy that.

Farewell now.

Love you.


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