I was an inch away from not posting

…but I have other things to do this week and I may not get around to posting then, so I figured I should do it now while I still have time.

Tomorrow is Club Day and Wednesday Club.  I am excited.  Also for the field trip on Thursday and the party Friday to Saturday, both of which I already mentioned.

In English today, we listened to a recording of Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum.  I loved it, in a morbid way.  It was truly fantastic.

After school today I wrote only about 300 words for nanowrimo, but the Thanksgiving weekend is coming up so I figure I’ll have plenty of time then.

It snowed a little bit yesterday and then again today.  I love snow and all, but I really hope we don’t miss any of the days this week when I actually have something planned to do.  Also, today, we went up the the mall a little ways away to get flu mist.  It is imperative that we get vaccinated not only for our own health but also for the baby’s, seeing as newborns are highly susceptible to the flu and the baby will be born in the peak of the flu season. (gosh, I just love thinking about how close it is to when the baby will be born… three weeks to the due date as of this Friday… I’ve said it a million times before but I can’t wait!!!!)

Also, today I managed to finish the collage for my twisted fairytale in Child Development, and my article review on the family’s role in education, AND my twisted fairytale itself, Mouseladdin!  I was very proud of myself for doing it all when all three are due Friday.  I never really actually procrastinate, per say, when it comes to schoolwork.  It’s mainly just other things, particularly nanowrimo. *shifty eyes*

Well, bye now.  I need to get started on a birthday present for Kaitlyn.  On the chance that she is reading this, though, like other such matters, I will not tell what it is.  Hopefully, though, after I give it to her, a picture will be posted.  If I finish it and it goes smoothly, it should turn out AWESOME.

Farewell, now, seriously…


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