I am an excellent procrastinator

I wish I knew how to turn the internet off because I keep surfing it instead of a)doing child development homework (due Friday, though, so it’s all good), b)studying for AP Euro (which I should probably be doing every week but nope, I’m too lazy), c)writing for nanowrimo–as of now I am 3k behind, which isn’t bad but still…, or d)one of the dirtloads (see, look, no need so curse) of other things I need to be doing right now.  But nooo, of course, I am surely one of the best procrastinators on the planet, either that or I need to be banned from the internet so I can actually get some work done.

I finished the five page joke in my story… now on to more interesting parts. (and no, five pages is not an exaggeration… five full pages, times new roman, single spaced… yes, I know I’m crazy… plus, everybody ended up dead in the end, all fourteen of the old men… morbid, too, yes, I know)

Bye now, as I said I have loads and loads of stuff to do and I would seriously like to get it done and stop procrastinating, no matter how horribly tempting it is.


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