I made two more bracelets (though I didn’t mention that I made one yesterday, did I? Well, I did) and

I caught up for NaNoWriMo!!! Just kidding… I wish I did. I have about 3,200 in my new idea but I am currently cheating and combining the new one with the old for a combined score of… hmm, I believe 13000 something. Still 5000 words or possibly more behind par, unfortunately (I almost typed ‘funfortunately’… not fun, catching up).

Hmm, what else, what else? I am racking my mind…

Wallie just pointed me to something on TLC about somebody who is HALF HUMAN, HALF TREE. Wicked crazy scary notsome, that is.

Well, Lydia is itching to see some more man babies so goodbye. (She’s chanting, “MAN BABIES, MAN BABIES!”


EDIT: Since this post was so short as the previous ones have been lately, I will also include something else:


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