Today was basically a continuation of yesterday

I spent much of it procrastinating about and then FINALLY finishing my rough draft and outline for English for The Crucible.

I also spent a lot of time procrastinating (once again) and then only cranking out about 2000 words in my new NaNoWriMo story. I like it much better than my original one, which I have about 11,000 words written of, but if I don’t catch up on it quick enough then I’ll probably leave it to be continued at a later time and go on with my original one. I don’t like it, not at all, but it’s easy to write words for.

Additionally, I made a bracelet. I made it in my bed and Clara and Emma spent a lot of time chewing gum and then throwing the chewed gum at me. Not fun.

So anyway, I would say that I am stopping this post now in order to type more in my story, but probably I’ll just surf the web for a lot of time and then eventually write a paragraph or two.


P.S. I highly recommend checking out It is hilarious, especially the featured article. Lots and lots of laughs.

EDIT: These are amazing:

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