My story is not that great

…but it is way too late to change it now.  I am 10,000 words through with it.  Twenty percent.  I think it is mostly that I use the phrase, “so, anyway…” way too often and it is getting repetitive with that and a few other phrases/over-used words.

Ugh, so it is not great, not that great at all, but I guess I will just go along with it and see where it takes me.  But gee, I loved last year’s story so much.  Now, reading back on different parts, I laugh so much and I cannot believe I made it up.  Everything in it feels like an inside joke, my own personal inside joke, and I love it.

My characters for this year are good characters and all, but I think I made a mistake writing in the first person… I believe I am much better at third person point of views.

Well, other than NaNoWriMo I have nothing to say except that I have homework to do but I have the entire weekend to do it so I am slacking off at the moment.

Wish me luck on… everything.


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