I am I am I am


Wednesday Club was fun, school was fun, I am writing more for NaNoWriMo and that too is fun.

Good night.

Oh, and if you want to sleep well tonight, DO NOT look at this picture.



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3 Responses to “I am I am I am”

  1. Mary Cumpston Says:

    Um, what is that monkey thing? Because it’s my profile pic on facebook and i have a picture of it hung up in my room. Can u please tell me more about it? Because it’s creepy but kind of cute, and I want one as a pet 🙂 Thanks
    From some one u don’t know named Mary

    • supposedly Says:

      Actually, I have no idea what it is! I found it on Google awhile ago. Let me know if you find anything out about it, though! I’d be interested to know.

  2. Daniel Thomas Says:

    It is made to look like predator from the movie “Predator”.

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