Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number Two: Boy (maybe it was because I used the same name for the character?)

His first name was Boy.  His last name was D, and sometimes people called him Boyd instead of Boy, adding on one more letter and zero more syllables in a way that almost made him sound normal.  Boyd was a perfectly acceptable name in his town, and whenever his counselor spoke to him about his lack of social activities, it was always brought up that going by the name ‘Boyd’ may eliminate some of the harsh treatment of his classmates.  Still, he preferred to be called Boy, as was on his birth certificate, and Clyde called him Boy as well so that was what he went by.  Clyde was Boy’s father, really just more of a guardian, and Boy thought highly of him.  Clyde was a writer, but what he wrote not even Boy knew.  He had an old typewriter that he had bought years ago for a quarter at the salvation army and he used seemingly endless rolls of plain white paper.  Every once in a while Clyde would be low on correction tape or ink and he would leave a tiny typed note on the radish bowl by the front door.  Boy would check the radish bowl each and every morning without fail and hop off to buy some ink or correction tape or sometimes groceries.  The typewriter materials were to be placed in the basket hanging on the door to the writing room and the groceries were immediately put away in the great brute of a fridge in the kitchen area.  Radishes, however, were of course always put right into the radish bowl.  Both Clyde and Boy loved radishes and ate them regularly.

Every so often Clyde would have a particularly good day of writing and the following day he would bring Boy to the gardening store to pick out a new package of seeds for planting in the vast garden they possessed.  So far Boy had mostly chosen different types of radishes, but there were pumpkins, lemons, and grapes in their yard as well as many other fruits and various vegetables, and Boy looked forward to expanding the garden to include even more varieties.

Other than gardening and going grocery shopping, Boy had many other interests, the most prominent of them being reading.  A time ago, when Boy had been approximately four years old, Clyde took him to the little bookstore down the street.  Well, it looked small from the outside, at least, but once one got inside it was obvious that the exterior was misleading.  The interior had the delicious scent of books and a great mass of them stuffed into every imaginable place.  Boy was still in awe of the place, and he and Clyde for the most part took weekly trips to the bookstore.  From these trips, they had amassed a cornucopia of reading material and started an impressive personal library.  The room also boasted two of what must surely be the most comfortable armchairs known to man, and Boy spent many nights curled up in the cushy green chair that he was most partial to, placing himself in a new world where all of the little troubles of his life would miraculously disappear.  A couple of times a month, Clyde would join him in the reading room, pulling a thick book off one of the many shelves and sitting in the blue chair opposite the green one.  Boy savored these days and took the chance to read scary stories, which, alone in the room and it being night, he would normally skip out on in favor or cheerier tales.

Aside from reading and gardening, however, Boy had little interests.  He did have collections, if those could be counted as interest, but other than that there was nothing.  His collections were many, and


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2 Responses to “Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number Two: Boy (maybe it was because I used the same name for the character?)”

  1. emmarose2 Says:

    don’t give up – keep going.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Thanks, I am. Last year it took me three or four days to decide on a final idea.

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