Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number Three: Stellar’s Unimaginary Friend

“GERONIMO!” Stellar yelled at the top of his lungs.  His friends looked confused.

“Uh, dude, why did you just yell ‘geronimo?'” Mark asked.

“Small joke,” Stellar replied.  “But really, why not?”

Paul spoke up.  “For one thing, you are weird, and for another, could you please stop kicking my elbow?”

“Terribly sorry, milady, I thought you were trying to steal my purse.”  Stellar stood up and bowed fancily.  “In the future, I will be sure not to let it happen again.”

Paul looked angry.  “How many times do I have to tell you that I am not a girl, and that you have no such purse of which you speak?” he questioned.  “Just because my features are womanly and my hair grows abnormally fast does not mean you can refer to me as one.  I will not stand for it.”

Stellar placed his index fingers on his temples.  “Right, because it is not cool to stand up for anything,” he said sarcastically.  “Why is it that society is so ridiculously messed up?”

“Dude, this conversation is pointless,” said Mark.

“And your excessive use of the word ‘dude’ is pointless,” Paul told him.

“As is your haircut, or lack thereof,” retorted Mark.

“Mark, Paul, let us leave this subject be.  Did you two know that the word ‘dude’ may have been used as early as 1883?” Stellar asked them.

Paul scratched his chin.  “Interesting.”

Mark merely groaned.  “Who cares?” he asked.

“I do,” said Stellar at once.  “As you should.”

“Right, dude,” Mark responded.

“Now, off with your head.”

“Wait a second,” Paul said quizzically.

“And we wait,” Mark put in.

Paul continued.  “Who said that?” he asked.

“Said what?”

Mark’s voice rose.  “And who said that?”

“Oh, hello,” said Stellar.  A girl, obviously the source of the mysterious voice, stood there.  It was silent for a moment.  “Your hair looks lovely, by the way.”  It was a rainbow of hues, splashes of color framing the girl’s pale face.

“Were you talking to me?” she asked quietly, hesitantly, scarcely believing her ears.

“Indeed I was,” Stellar answered.

The girl’s large violet eyes widened.


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