Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number One: Somebody Named Boy

Last year, I had five or six failed starts to my NaNoWriMo novel before I found one I was happy with. Instead of just getting rid of them all, I have decided that I will post them here for your reading enjoyment (or lack thereof).

Be warned, though, this post and others with similar titles will include truly horrible writing, or at the very least something a little ridiculous.

Alrighty then, here it is:

“Geronimo,” she said quietly, and she jumped to her death.

“Please do not jump,” called a boy at the top of the cliff. He looked familiar, she thought, as she looked up at the source of the voice. From Latin class, maybe?

“It is a little late for that,” she replied, loudly so as to make sure he heard.

He scratched his chin, though she did not notice, what with falling down from the cliff. “Not necessarily,” he answered. “Grab this rope.” He threw down a thick somewhat fraying rope and she told her to grab hold of it.

She shrugged, all at once realizing both that the impact of the fall would literally be the death of her and that it was a strange sensation, shrugging while in the air. “This does not appear to be working, and I am about to be killed!” she yelled to the boy.

“Girl Plunges to Her Death; Boy Tries to Save Her, but Fails Miserably,” she thought, imagining the newspaper headlines.

On second thought, the girl added something. “Hey Boy, could you please not fail miserably?” she asked.

“I will try,” he replied, and he did a twirly maneuver with the rope, somehow managing to pull her up.

“Thanks,” the girl told him. Then she walked away.

“No problemo,” he said. “Really, though, how did you know my name?”

EDIT: After I had a miniature meltdown that ended with, “And I can’t even see because my bangs are covering my eyes!”, my mother trimmed my bangs. Now I feel calmer, happier, and much lighter, even though not even an inch was chopped off.

EDIT EVEN MORE: Also, I think I should let everybody know that the Halloween party I went to was awesome, other than the mountain hill we had to climb while trick-or-treating.  Plus, I actually got a normal amount of sleep, so now I am not sleeping the weekend away, which is always good.


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