I guess we will have to wait until he is born to find out

…which is supposed to be around December 5th, by the way.  So, yeah, I left school fifteen minutes early today to go to the ultrasound.  Unfortunately, the baby was in a rock star kind of pose, his(/her) legs crossed and sitting on his feet, so we were not able to find out the gender.  What kind of baby does that in the womb?!?  Anyway, the nurse/whatever she was (ultrasound technician?) said the baby was too far along to know anyway, because of all of the extra fluid and whatnot.  The baby is currently six pounds and something ounces, so we know he will be big.

Oh, I got an eighty percent on the FRQ on Napoleon in AP Euro, which means my grade went up 1%.  It is now an 82!  Hooray!  My grades are now 92%, 101%, 99%, and 83% (what with the weighted AP grade).  That makes me happy.

Other than that, um… I really do have nothing else to say.  I am making cookies possibly later tonight, so I guess that is something…

Uh, nothing else.  Sorry about that.



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