I think I have an idea of what I am going to be for Halloween

…and it is not a man baby, though I was pretty sure I was going to be one for a while there.

Speaking of babies, tomorrow we get to find out the gender!!!  I still say boy, but who knows… I get to leave school about ten minutes early to go to the ultrasound.  I think we will be doing that 3D ultrasound, which we did with Lydia.  It will be neat.

The term ends on Halloween.  I am hoping my grades stay the same or improve, but (darn, I was about to say ‘but who knows…,” which I already said in this extremely short post)…  My current grades are as follows:

Latin II: 101% (easy-peasy)

English: 92% (the participation points are what throw me off- I am not very good at participating, it seems)

AP Euro: 81% (if I bomb the test we took today, it may go down to a C, but hopefully what with the weighted grade for it being an AP class, it will remain a B- then again, if I did well, perhaps it will go up…there is really no chance of it going up to an A unless, by some miracle, I got really high As on both the essay and multiple choice portions)

Child Development II: 99% (hooray!)

…and the end.

For real; I have nothing more to say.  Excepppt, if anybody has a suggestion for a boy’s name that would go with the other names in our family (Jacob, Hope, Clara, Emma, Abram, Bennett, Lydia) and has a one-syllable nickname, by all means, suggest it.  My parents are thinking Samuel, Sam for short, but I have always had a strong dislike for the name Samuel… it just sounds so… I dunno, like priest or something.

Anyway, bye for real for real.

Wow, this life is exciting!

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