Homecoming was okay.

It was fun, I guess, but I do not think I will be going to one ever again.  It seems like a waste of a lot of money.  Dress, shoes, ticket, etc.  And for what?  Watery lemonade.  Awkwardness because I do not dance.  It would not be so bad if the lemonade were not so awful.  Actually, it would be, but… oh, and this year’s party favor was a stainless steel keychain.  Hooray, a keychain!  Right…

My father just saw me typing and was like, “What are you doing, writing a novel?”

In my head:  No, but I will next month!  NaNoWriMo rules!

Oh, tomorrow is Benny’s sixth birthday!  Actually, today, since it is nearly 1 am, except I stayed up to type this even though I am terribly tired.

Speaking of which, I am terribly tired.  Good night.


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