A dress, shoes, a party, Paper Towns, the police, and being busy

Apparently, there are four regular readers, though one of them is me.

Then again, that is not at all what I need to talk about.

The reason I did not post yesterday is because of many reasons, but mainly because I was at a sleepover birthday party for a friend of mine, Rachel.

The other reason is because PAPER TOWNS CAME IN THE MAIL and I could not stop reading it for the life of me. I ended up finishing it on the way to the party, meaning I only took a couple of hours. Three or four, maybe. It is absolutely amazing and lives up to and above its tremendously high expectations. I will give it a more proper, thorough read once my schedule opens up (wow, can you believe it, I am actually busy?).

Okay, so, the party- it was amazing except for one major thing. I am going to try and explain it the best I can so that it makes sense and I still have time to write of other things.

So, my somewhat friend K (not her actual name) was I’Ming her friends on Rachel’s computer upstairs for the whole party. We kept trying to get her to join in the games (Bingo [I won two amazing vintage tins![, Clue, and Improv among many others) but she did not seem to want to. Sometime around 2 in the morning, while we were still awake, K came downstairs and told us that she was going on a walk. We told her that is was crazy, being the middle of the night/morning and all, and E got angry and went upstairs. A few minutes later E came back downstairs and we figured K was back on the computer. It turns out, though, that she decided to go on a walk alone. E volunteered to go along with her, assuming she meant down the street and back, but K said she was stressed and wanted to go alone. For some reason (it does not matter now), E did not tell us this. About an hour later, we went upstairs to check on K and she was not there. After searching the house, we woke Rachel’s mother up to drive through the neighborhood and find K to bring her back to Rachel’s house. E and Kaitlyn stayed at the house with Lizzy’s cellphone in case K came back there while we were looking for her. Meanwhile, Rachel, her mother, me, and Lizzy drove for over an hour looking for her, becoming more and more worried with every passing minute. We drove to her ‘boyfriend’s’ house, seeing if she went there. The lights were on in the house and we rang the doorbell, knocked, etc, but nobody answered. Worried and frightened of what may have happened to K, we drove back to the house. During the search, E and Kaitlyn were communicating with us via cellphone about K’s history of the internet (what she had been doing, who she had been talking to, etc. while on the computer) in case anything helped us.

Once we got back to the house, Rachel’s mother searched the backyard again while Rachel called the police. Trembling, nearly crying (as many others did that night/morning), she told the police the story of how she had gone missing, a description of her, and other things. About five minutes later (though it seemed like hours), two squad cars arrived at Rachel’s house. We repeated the information and showed them pictures of K. We also called every friend of K’s whose phone number we had in case they knew where she was or anything.

Trying to take our mind off of things, we all went downstairs and played a nervous Apples to Apples game while the police searched for K. Some time after (I have no idea how long- it could have been a minute or an hour), Rachel’s mother called us from downstairs. K was back. She had been at a lake with her boyfriend the whole time. My goodness, all of that worry and stress and time and sleep lost unnecessarily all because K wanted to see her boyfriend, so she snuck out of the house to do so. The worst part is that she did not seem to feel any remorse. No, “I am so sorry, I had no idea you all would worry about me so much.” No nothing. She seemed the most worried about getting in trouble with her father (who we called earlier, by the way, though he did not answer the phone even after many tries).

K slept upstairs and we slept downstairs (not much sleep, though- it was hard to what with all of the tension). In the morning it was almost like everything was back to normal, except it was not.

Off topic because I have nothing more to say about the previous topic: Rachel really liked the present I gave her. I knitted her a brainmonster hat. Here is a picture of it on my head:

Oh, and after the party I went homecoming shopping. I bought a fantastic dress. It is plain black and somewhat sparkly. My mother says it has an empire waist, so I guess that would help in its description. I also got satiny red flats with tiny black bows to go with it. Here is what they look like:

Payless had a sale of buy one pair, get another 1/2 off, so my mother said I could pick another pair. I chose these shoes:

Sorry the pictures are so big (unless wordpress resized them, that is, then I do not apologize because they are therefore not big).

Oh, and tonight is the homecoming football game. I will be there.

Bye now.

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6 Responses to “A dress, shoes, a party, Paper Towns, the police, and being busy”

  1. Laura Says:

    That brainmonster hat is pretty much the second best thing I’ve ever seen.

    The best thing, by the way, is Paper Towns.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Thanks. I agree about the second part.

  3. pirsquared Says:


  4. supposedly Says:

    Hooray, hurrah, huzzah!

  5. phampants Says:

    whatcha think of paper towns?


  6. supposedly Says:

    I absolutely loved it! I was afraid it would not live up to the frighteningly high expectations, but it did and even more so.

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