You know how I said…

…my bangs desperately needed to be trimmed? They were at my chin. And, guess what? My mother caved in and trimmed them! Now I have bangs again! It is exciting, though now I will probably start doing the floopy thing I did last time they were at a manageable length. So, I will look very different to those of you who I will see tomorrow. And, by the way, there is no way I am participating in College Day. I do not even own anything college-related.

So, what else did I do? Nothing much. I presented my Radley Tree project in English. I think it went okay. Presenting was extra credit, apparently, so maybe my 89% will go up to an A. Hopefully.

Parent teacher conferences are tomorrow for Abie and Benny so dress shopping will wait until Wednesday. Good. Now I am not quite so busy this week, or I still am and it is merely all crammed in together.

So many things are coming up! Everything always seems to be in the future, I know, but still. Benny is turning six on Saturday! Crazy, seeing as he seems so young still. He is short for his age.

Uh, I do not think I have anything more to say (how many times have I used that line, and how many times have I pointed out that I have used that line? Too many…).


EDIT A MOMENT LATER: I just checked and my English grade has gone up to an A regardless of the project!  That is good news, very good news indeed.


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2 Responses to “You know how I said…”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Good job on the english grade, Hope!

    I’m pretty sure I have an 86% in that class, and I don’t think it’s going to go up. It might go down though. haha

  2. supposedly Says:

    Thank you very much!

    And sorry about that. Tsk, tsk, maybe if you did your homework…

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