“Monday is Tacky Day. Mind if I borrow your clothes?”

I asked my family if anybody would mind being insulted, and my mother said that Clara would not, so I asked her this question.  I thought it was pretty clever, but she just said it was not funny.  She says that a lot.  Spoilsport.

Uh, I did… nothing today.  And it felt like the Thursday we had off, which was crazy.

Oh, I babysat Lydia for almost four hours.  Now I have some more money towards my glasses fund.

Yeah, and I completely forgot that I actually did do something, but nothing came out of it so…anyway, we went to look for a dress for me for homecoming.  We went to this one crazy expensive place and then another that only had baby clothes.  Ridiculous, right?  Yeah, so tomorrow we are going to check out some vintage clothing places and, if worst comes to worst, the mall.  I despise the mall.

This coming week seems like it will be busy and exciting.  Very good, I daresay.  Wednesday are the PSATs, so it will be great to have Wednesday Club afterwards.

Oh, my father found this awesome cardboard tree trunk thing.  It is basically part of a tree trunk, except made of cardboard, and it is flat on one end so it can be hung on the wall and such.  It will be perfect for the To Kill a Mockingbird project.

Ugh, I need to trim my bangs soooo badly.  They have grown over double the length they should be.

Oh geez, AND I still need a birthday present for my friend’s party next week, and a Halloween costume… I think I know what I want to be, but I need to make it still.

My, my, things are crazy…

(I used crazy a lot during this post, did I not?)

Farewell.  May your days be full of happiness.


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