Is it really that hard to find a dress?

Yes, apparently it is, at least for me. Probably because I am extremely picky and particular. Surprisingly, my father did not get THAT mad at me when I still did not find a dress after searching many, many different places. Most of them were in the mall, which, as I told you all yesterday, I despise, so maybe that is why I did not find anything I liked. Preconceived notions and all.

Other than going dress shopping, I finished my To Kill a Mockingbird project. It looks pretty great and I am hoping my teacher thinks so too, as it could boost my 89% grade to an A. It is not an A so far because of a lack of participation in class on my part.

There were a lot of lovely skirts I would have liked to take a look at at one of the vintage clothing shops we went dress-shopping at, but my father was in a rush to get back home and then drive with my mother to somewhere where one of Jake’s bands was playing their last “farewell” concert at, so we hurried back home, no dress in hand as I said.

Oh gee, I forgot that I wanted to knit the corkscrew scarf (or at least start) this weekend.  Ah, well, this week’s days are short so I can do it then.

I started thinking more about Halloween costumes and researching today.  I think I have an idea of what I want to be but, then again, I am still not positive.

Wow, it is not yet seven.  I would have guessed much later.

There is nothing more for me to say except

Benny got an argyle vest and I am jealous of him for that.

Bye now.


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