Some things are done

So, as I think I already said, I finished the Chapter 19 AP Euro outline.

I also am pretty far with my To Kill a Mockingbird project. I decided to do a diorama, and am doing a model of the tree with the knothole in which Boo put gifts. I am also making/finding all of the items from the book t put inside. So far I just need chewing gum. I carved two soap dolls out of two bars of soap from when my mom made a lot of soap. I am still not sure what I am going to make the tree part out of, but I will soon enough.

Man, it sure feels like Sunday.

Oh, and I baked for tomorrow’s Baked Goods Club. There was one more egg so I was able to. I made four dozen butterscotch cookies and they are pretty good, but I think butterscotch is one of those things that make you sick when you have a lot of them.

EDIT (before I published it, though, so I guess it does not count as an edit): sorry, I wrote this all up and then left to walk the dog.  Good thing I checked my stats or I would not have noticed that it was not posted yet.

Anyway, I am going to eat sandwiches for dinner.



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