No eggs? This has to be a joke.

Unfortunately, it is not. I wanted to make cookies tonight for both the Baked Goods Club and Wednesday Club (providing there were leftovers) but, of all the days in the world, there are no eggs at my house. I mean honestly, how crazy is that? We have chickens, for crying out loud. We always have eggs; so many, in fact, that we often give them away. However, Emma has been making lots of scrambled eggs lately, and so we have no more eggs. Just two eggs, and I could make cookies. We bought all of the other ingredients, but I did not think of buying eggs. We have not bought eggs in ages. And now we have none.

Besides running around the house and searching the entire chicken yard looking for eggs, today I almost finished the first chapter of the two chapters that I need to outline for AP Euro. I would be finished with it completely, but I stopped in order to make the cookies, I do not want to spend the rest of my night doing the rest of the outline. We have no school Thursday, so I will do it then. Ugh, and I need to do my To KIll a Mockingbird project. I think I will so the scrapbook one.

Goodbye now. I hope you all have had better luck today.

EDIT A MINUTE LATER: Oh yeah, and the fingerless gloves were VERY well received. I am glad.

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2 Responses to “No eggs? This has to be a joke.”

  1. pirsquared Says:

    Do your chickens lay white eggs or brown ones? Does the type of chicken even matter when it comes to the color of the egg?

  2. supposedly Says:

    Some lay white, some brown. Mostly brown, I think.

    The type of chicken usually does matter, though some chickens’ egg colors vary even if they are the same type.

    We did have two chickens who were going to lay blue or green eggs (it just depends on the chicken, of that same type), but they were killed by a fox or raccoon before they started laying eggs.

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