School and not much more

I feel no need to elaborate on the choice of title- it basically explains today.

I am almost done making a pair of fingerless gloves that I started this afternoon for a friend (Eleanor).  I have not shown her the yarn yet, so if she does not like it I will keep them for myself.  She offered to pay me and/or buy yarn for them but I declined.  I like doing things for other people, and it would have felt like a chore if I were being paid for them.

This post is dreadfully short, not even one hundred words yet, (now it is) so I am going to try and think of some other things to say.

Uh, I think I am going to be using a chunk of my babysitting money on Threadless shirts.  Every time I manage to scrounge up some more money after buying Threadless shirts, a sale comes along and I lose it again.

Things are neat.

(Where on earth did that come from?)

Oh yeah, I have something to say.  Something eerie.

Pretty much all the time, I play out conversations in my head, different ways the conversations currently happening could end up.  Usually they end up tragically, or with something bad happening anyway.  Normally, I use these ‘visions’ as guides and say the opposite/do not say whatever I said in the ‘bad’ conversation.  Today at dinner, however, I made the mistake of following the bad one, as a test.  The stakes were not high.  I was having a conversation in my head mirroring the conversation in real life happening between me and my parents.  In my head, I replied with something and my parents made me leave the table for being ‘rude.’  Instead of doing the opposite to avoid trouble, I tested this vision out and said the same thing as in my head.  And, lo and behold, I was sent from the table.  Now I wonder if any of the other visions from the past would have come true if I had something a little bit different.  I hope not.  Most of them ended up with somebody dying or being badly injured.  It seems my mind is morbid (wow, that actually sounds pretty awesome… my mind is morbid… yeah, that is some pretty nice alliteration).

Anywho, I am going to finish the fingerless gloves now.  And wow, it is only 8:00.  I am glad time is not flying.

Farewell, friendly beings.


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