Pointless questions do somebody nonexistent, and other things

How are you?  Do you like broccoli?  What about carp?  How do you feel about fog machines?  Have you ever imagined yourself becoming a flight attendant?  Do you have a preference towards neutral colors?  Given the chance, what would you name a cirrus intortus cloud?  Did you understand any of the questions I just asked you?

So, I do not think I failed the AP Euro test that I took today.  Eastern European Absolutism was the subject.  Yeah, I always say I do not think I failed them, and I have yet to pass, but… seriously, I think I did alright.  I am hoping I got a C.  If I am correct, I may do something radical.  Suggestions are welcome.

Other than AP Euro… hmm… well, I got my grade report today.  A, C, A, A.  Can you guess what the C was in?  Yup, AP Euro.  Ugh, I am talking about AP Euro once again… I really did not plan that.  Anyway, the C was a B, an 80%, but it went down to a 79% a day or so before they were printed out, it seems.  So, hopefully it will go back up again soon.

Oh, I think I might be babysitting for my mother’s friend son and I think two or three of his friends.  They are six or seven, I think.  That should be interesting.

I really have nothing more to say, and I want to do something else right now.



P.S. Hurrah, it is the weekend!  I hope you all have good ones.


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2 Responses to “Pointless questions do somebody nonexistent, and other things”

  1. pirsquared Says:

    What’s a cirrus intortus? When i see that I think elephant…dunno why. xD

  2. supposedly Says:

    A type of cirrus cloud whose filaments are irregularly curved or tangled.

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