Why is there a marshmallow on your head?

For some strange reason, I always end up asking that question when playing The Question Game.  It a.l.w.a.y.s. happens.  I do not know why.

So, on to bigger and better things…

In the tradition of things: how was my day?

Great.  I think I finally have a favorite song, which is also great.  People always ask me what my favorite song is, and I never have an answer.  Then I say I like pretty much all music, which is a lie except I do not know how to describe the music I like, and then… a whole great big mess, basically.  So, it is very good that I have a favorite song now.  It is Happy Jack by The Who, in case you were wondering.  I really, really like it, even though I have probably heard it less than a dozen times.  And even though I could never understand what they were saying until just now, when I looked up the lyrics.  Still, I love it very much, better than all other songs, therefore it is of course my favorite.

Now that that is settled…

I am starting a sort of project.  It is so research/ learn a bit about each of the people/places/things/whatever mentioned in Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire.  I love that song.  It is very nearly a close second in my favorite songs of all time.

Additionally, though separate, I am going to use Wikipedia’s Random Article feature at least a half dozen times each day.  Even though teachers always say it is not accurate, I will always believe in it.

That is all I have to say.  I might post again later, depending, naturally, on whether I have something more to say.

Goodbye, fellow humans.

Good day.

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