Keeping my mind off of things

I spent today knitting on and off and writing my outline for AP Euro. I am still not done with it.

What a way to bring in the new year.

I am knitting arm warmers, in case you were wondering. Mostly it is so that I can wear short sleeves in fall and possibly in winter on the slightly warmer days, but also it is because I like instant gratification projects. Actually, it is also because I have been trying to use up some of my yarn that never seems to run out. So far I am succeeding. I am done with the first one, which is blue and green, and on to the second, a little over halfway done with it. It is red and yellow. Speaking of which, does anybody know why the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow yet when there are four main colors they are always red, blue, yellow, and green? What is so fantastic about green that it gets to join the club so often? I mean, green is nice and all, but it sort of feels like green is this hanger-on, like a wannabe primary color. Like red, blue, and yellow are the celebrities and green sometimes gets to hang out with them, you know, because red, blue, and yellow are so kind and generous and let the lower masses hang out with them out of the kindness in their hearts.


Whoever searched for ‘elephant cute’ and came across my blog, thank you. ‘Elephant cute’ has to be one of the best things to search for. So, kudos, to you. I like cute elephants as well.

I received two dollars for babysitting my neighbor’s five-month old baby today for about five or ten minutes. It was fun- babies are adorable. I would have done it for free, but they insisted on giving me the two dollars. Funny how people always do that.

Oh, something that made me laugh today was reading in my textbook about Frederick William I (at least, I think that was his name- hold on, let me check… yeah, that is indeed his name). He had, as the book puts it, a “bizarre, almost pathological love” for tall, handsome soldiers. He created his army out of these guys, and had agents trick and kidnap tall, handsome guys from all throughout Europe to be in his army.  He also hired some guy to paint portraits of his ‘favorites.’  Some of these European guys are crazy funny.  I wish all of them had such interesting quirks, so that I would be able to remember them easier.

Well, there is a gigantic storm outside, complete with rain, thunder, and lightning, and I want to finish the outline before the power blinks and I have to wait forever for the computer to turn back on.  So, goodbye.

Good luck and happy new year.



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3 Responses to “Keeping my mind off of things”

  1. Wallie Says:

    How was your Tuesday? Did u go to downtown Frederick? Have fun at school tomorrow :). Farewell.

  2. Laura Says:

    Oh my goodness, I read about that guy in our AP Euro book and I thought about talking about it on my blog. It cracked me up. Just a weird quirk was just thrown out there with no pause. It was funny.

  3. supposedly Says:

    Wallie: Nah, nobody ended up being able to go. Another time, perhaps.

    Laura: Yeah, it seemed so random… it was like, war, treaty, boring kings, and then “…his, bizarre, almost pathological love for tall, handsome soldiers…”

    Very funny.

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