“Why is there a hole in your head? Oh, wait, nobody else can see that.”


(what does that even mean?)

A day where I felt like I did nothing.  Unless I have some material proof, most days leave me feeling like this.

I have a couple parties coming up.  Parties are good.  Plus Halloween, also good.  I still need to think of a costume to make.

I think my bald spot is growing back.  I guess my life is less stressful, or something… though it does not exactly feel like it.

I would include countdowns to things coming up (Halloween, NaNoWriMo, various parties, Paper Towns, etc.), but I do not feel like looking up how many days there are until ________, so I am not going to do so.

On a side track, I really like coupons.  I just got back from the grocery store, where my parents saved over forty dollars from coupons.  Yeah, coupons are pretty nice.

I have not done much reading lately… excluding schoolwork, of course, which I do not consider to count in this manner.

To Kill a Mockingbird, textbook on Western European History… nah, neither count.

I feel like watching the History Channel right about now… maybe when I am done with this.

Oh, I want to make a cardigan.  My Mrs. Darcy cardigan is going extremely slowly, probably because I only worked on it for one day.

I began unraveling the gigantic cabled sweater I bought from goodwill a while ago.  Here is what it looks like on Benny with his head cut off:

(though it really is much bigger in person)

Hmm, I want to make something with a lot of buttons.  I adore buttons.

Man, I wish money did not exist… bring back bartering!

Anyway, I am rambling, I should probably go now.


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