Trying to think of things to say

Tomorrow there will be a Model UN picnic. I cannot wait. I am making some kind of cookies and will possibly bring some sodas.

I got a free sample in the mail today. It is from Tatouage, which is a place for tattoos, except instead of for your body they are for your wall. I got a butterfly one

(just like this one)

and a border/design sort of thing. The butterfly one got kind of messed up, so I put the border one on top of the edge of the wing. I think it looks pretty great on my wall- kind of like I painted it there.

I have spent a lot of today reading pages from, the Best Page in the Universe. Though somewhat exaggerated, a found a lot of the ‘articles’ to be true, in an eerie way. They made/make me think, anyway. Check it out, if you have a chance.

So, what else did I do today? Not much. I woke up at almost 11 am, meaning I had about twelve hours of sleep, unfortunately. I had been planning on waking up at 8:30 am.

It is raining.

And now, my friends, I can think of nothing more to say. Funny how that always happens.


P.S. I am currently searching (well, I always am, but now more so) for some blogs/websites to read. Preferably ones that get updates moderately often.



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