I lost.

I lost the fast-a-thon thing.  I quit about forty-five minutes before it ended.  I would be really disappointed with myself, but I was so, so hungry and now I am not.  I did not have anybody sponsor me or anything, though, so there are no lasting consequences.  I probably would have held out if it had been to raise money for poor people.

Fettuccine Alfredo is what I had for dinner.  It was great.

Happy day to all, and good luck for the rest of your lives.



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2 Responses to “I lost.”

  1. wallie Says:

    HOPE!!!! I can’t belevie you failed at the last couple minutes! Oh well I’am happy you still did the whole thing and thank you for at least trying it out and I hope you felt what the poor people who have no food to look forward at the end of the day felt like. ok well bye

  2. supposedly Says:

    Yeah, I could not believe it either, but I was so hungry I was not thinking straight.

    It was a great experience.

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