“How marvelous! How perfectly marvelous!”

Today was great. Oh, I know, I say that so often it would make your head spin.

“Head on! Apply directly to the forehead!”

Did anybody get that?

Ah, well, let me get back to the subject: today was great.

First of all, you would think today would have been awful and long, like Tuesdays often are, but in fact it was not.

However, today was Tuesday Club, the temporary Tuesday installment of Wednesday Club. Therefore, of course it was awesome. We went to Giant and the library like usual. Wallie came and left early. Laura left. Danya and somebody else came and left. Daniel and I went to Giant a second time. Still, what with all the leaving, it was great, it really was. Why? I dunno, I just feel a lot happier and brighter when I am around my friends. Around my family, I feel kind of fake. Like, everybody is mocking me. I do not really have anybody to talk to, and when I do I feel like everybody is expecting me to act a certain way. When I do not, it is apparently obvious to them, and they do not understand it.

Ugh, enough family ranting…

Why else was today awesome?

Why, because I received a package in the mail! Before I tell you what it was and all, I must tell you that I would post pictures, I really would, but my sister’s camera is out of batteries. I know, always an excuse, but really. If I have a chance to, I will use my brother’s phone when he gets home from work to take pictures and then post them here. If I do not, though, please to not beat me.

Okay, on to the story-

An absolutely amazing (overused word alert) fellow Threadlessian called Chelly had things leftover from her Etsy shop that nobody bought. Being the Amazingon she is, she decided to send them, free of charge, to anyone who claimed them. I asked if I could have Little Lady, this really sweet neck warmer/ headband thingamabobber with a portrait of a girl on it, and she said yes.  I gave her my address and she sent me a lovely little package.

I got home from Tuesday Club and saw it on the round table in the living room, and I was thrilled.  The cute little box is a decorated Mrs. Fields cookie box.  Hooray for recycling!

Inside was the original thing I requested, which looks even nicer in person than the picture I had previously seen of it was.  A nice little note on orange paper was included too.  Then, much to my surprise, there were other things in the package!  A cheery picture of an apple that her son colored was in it (right after this I am going to hang it on my wall), along with a stupendous envelope she made and, at the bottom, a Magic Tree House Audiobook, High Tide in Hawaii!  I used to read those books all the time- that, and Goosebumps.  As a kid, I guess I was a big fan of series of books (speaking of which, is there a plural of ‘series?’).

Also, though it makes me seem a bit odd to mention it, there was a dryer sheet at the bottom, I guess for freshness or something.  Anyway, I just realized how much I love that scent.

All in all, I was so very happy to receive the amazing (I need to stop repeating adjectives) package.  I still have not stopped smiling.

So, what else can I talk about?  Nothing, I guess… though, hooray, tomorrow is Wednesday Club and the talent show!  How exciting.

No, really… I am not being sarcastic.

Oh yeah, yesterday I made a skirt out of an old pair of jeans my sister was going to throw away.  I wore it to school today and nobody made fun of me for it, so I am guessing I did an okay job.  Still, it is sort of falling apart at the bottom so I am going to re-sew it in a bit.

Fourteen views today, and I have not yet posted.  My challenge to you, readers, is to comment.  Post anonymously if you wish, just say something for goodness sakes!  Curiosity, as I said before, often gets the best of me.  And, seriously, I am still wondering why you all keep tuning in.  I am secretly afraid that people I somewhat/do not know from school are reading this and therefore know more about me than some of my friends and family members…

Scary thought…

Actually, it sounds kind of like one of my rejected NaNoWriMo ideas from last year…

Goodbye!  Farewell!  I am going now!  As Chelly told me to do in her note, I am going to ‘go make something!’



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