Sometimes it feels good to do one thing for a really long time.

The title appears to be laden with innuendos, but in fact is just refers to the fact that, like many weekends of the past, today I did only one thing: knit.

My mother finally helped me to set up the Incredible Sweater Machine and I proceeded to knit myself a pair of leg warmers.  I would take a picture, but my sister’s camera’s batteries are dead and we rarely have working batteries in our house.  They are about knee length when not scrunched up, and are light blue and navy striped.  They are also very warm, and I am wearing them right now.

We had chicken fried rice for dinner.  It was almost like genuine Chinese restaurant stir-fried rice except for the fact that the egg did not taste like nothing.  It just tasted like regular egg.  Have you ever noticed how Chinese food egg tastes like everything except egg?

Yesterday (aka today… as I said, the WordPress time zone is messed up), I received twenty-five views.  That is just peachy because, as it happens, twenty-five is my favorite/lucky number.

Hmm, only one hour and forty minutes until tomorrow.  We have a two hour late arrival day, for some reason I am not aware of, so my mother has decided my bedtime is 11 pm instead of 10.  How grand.

Off topic, but- does anybody remember a time (maybe 1-3 years ago) when there was an ‘updated’ version of the Beatles song “When I’m Sixty-four?”  I believe it was for Paul McCartney’s 64th birthday or something, a parody of the original.  It was in a newspaper, I think.  The only line I recall is the change of, “When I get older, losing my hair…” to “When I get older, Rogaine my hair…”  I have searched tons of different combinations of phrases and cannot for the life of me find the ‘new’ lyrics.  It would pleasure me greatly if somebody happens across it and sends me the link.  You will win a nonexistent prize if you do.

Enough jibber-jabber.  Off with your head!

Just kidding.



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