Just kidding.

In my tiredness, I completely forgot that, when I am tired, I must go to sleep right then and there. Otherwise, even after only a minute or two passes (i.e. the time it took to write the short post), I cannot for the life of me get to sleep. And, once I do get to sleep, I am a very heavy sleeper. Sometimes my father has to yell my name over and over in the mornings to wake me up to get ready for school.

So, what did we do at the party?

-Stayed up ALL night

-Played dozens and dozens of improv games

-Talked about nearly everything and everyone in the world

-Obsessed over and acted out the life and times of Justin Time, who happens to be fictional, of course…

-Watched Labyrinth, Pink Floyd in Pompeii, Lord of the Rings, and part of an awful movie called Serenity- or, at least, it was awful when we were dying form tiredness in the middle of the night and it was playing in the background of our shenanigans

-Played MANY rounds of Truth or Truth

-Danced outside in the middle of the night, singing songs from Labyrinth

-Went outside early in the morning to watch the sun rise, which we could not see because of the trees blocking out view; instead, we nearly froze to death

-Got stalked in the windows by a demon cat whose eyes changed colors

-Staged a sword fight, complete with fog all around

-Got told a billion times to quiet down

-Freaked ourselves out about the faces in the shed, the forest, the neighbors’ yards, etc…

-Loaded up on caffeine and junk food

-Had fun, and lots of it

As I said a few times already, I am tremendously tired. Still, it was soooo worth it.

P.S. I had nineteen views yesterday… crazy… I would challenge each and every one of you to make a one or two-word comment, but I know it is oftentimes nice to be anonymous for once.  So, go ahead, continue lurking or make yourselves known.  Curiosity gets the better of me sometimes.

Goodbye.  I have things to catch up on.


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