Today is the 19th, not yesterday’s post

I think the time zone is messed up or something.  Anyway, this post is from today, the 19th of September, whereas yesterday’s post was on the 18th, not the 19th as it says.

Today my boots came in the mail.  I was so excited.  They are marvelous.  My siblings were glad that they were packaged in bubble tape, which they got to jump on.  It was fun.  The boots look like this:

except for the fact that there is not a white background when I wear them.  At retail price, these boots are over a hundred dollars.  I got them off eBay for twenty some.  That is a pretty good deal, I think.

I wore the boots to the supermarket today, where we were getting various ingredients for


magic cookie bars (7-layer bars)


more dinner rolls!

The bars are done, the truffles are refrigerating, and the dough for the rolls is still rising.  It seems like whenever somebody does baking or cooking, we end up doing a lot of things at once.  Kind of like how, whenever I actually have something planned, a lot of other things come up and I have to choose between them.  Crazy.

I find it odd how some obscure holidays are not quite so obscure as others.  For example, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Everybody, it seems (at least online), knows about it, whereas other equally nice obscure holidays (such as National Beheading Day, September 2nd) are not celebrated.  I can just see it now, people joyously celebrating National Beheading Day.  But nooo, they would all much rather talk like pirates than behead people.  That is why people are annoying.

Seventeen views so far today.  I must be doing something right.  It is a little crazy to think that seventeen people are reading these shenanigans.  I am not sure I could even name seventeen people I am friends with.

Not too long until I am to go to the birthday party I mentioned yesterday.  I am excited, to say the least.

Bye now.

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2 Responses to “Today is the 19th, not yesterday’s post”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hopie, I love you.

    You are one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

    We need to hang out sometime soon.
    Are you planning on going to Homecoming?

    Hopefully you enjoyed your rolls, truffles, and magic cookie bars!

    Have a spectacular weekend.

    : D

  2. supposedly Says:

    Thank you very, very much, Sarah. When I read your comment, I smiled. A lot. I love you too, and you too are one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

    I still do not know whether I will be going to Homecoming… since I lost my glasses over the summer, my parents are king of upset with me right now. Not that they would not let me go, but they probably would make me pay for everything, and I do not really have any money to spend at the moment.

    I very much enjoyed the magic cookie bars. I am not sure yet about the other two, because I have yet to try them.

    Have an absolutely MARVELOUS weekend.

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