Hello. It has not been long since our last meeting. How do you do?

I do not really have anything to say except that today was a good day (how many times have I said that before? I am thinking it is nearing on a dozen).

It was Thursday Club today, the temporary Wednesday Club on Thursday. Danya left early and Brittany, Daniel, and I were there for the remainder. We played improv games which were soooo fun and absolutely hilarious. There was one between Brittany and I involving talking cigarette butts that were in the gutter (“I know how we can get out of here! Take the rocket fuel out of us!” “Yes, and we can make jet packs!”) and another in a taxicab with Daniel, Brittany, and I, where Daniel was a robot who could only laugh and Brittany was floating in the car. It was great.

I will probably have more to say tomorrow (though I will probably not post about it until the following day- there is Eleanor’s sleepover birthday party, so of course I will not be home to post, but I will have lots of great stories to tell).

I would really like to make a nice sturdy book right about now

(via monster-munch.com via http://www.davethedesigner.net/booktut/index.html)

but I have neither the skills, time, nor materials to do so. Plus, I am tired, really tired, but I have a habit of procrastinating going to bed. It really is dreadful.

(Yet I am still not going to bed…)

Okay, that is it, I really am going to do a few more things and go to bed. Good night.


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