Last night I had a dream about the world (or at least an entire village) almost ending mostly because of me.

I am typing as fast as I can so as to not forget anything, which I tend to do with dreams unless I take notes right after I wake up.

At the beginning of the dream, I was living in a medium sized village.  The majority of the village, the entire center, was made up of outside stands and sellers.  The most elite group of sellers got to set up inside, in a giant warehouse/empty parking garage sort of place on one entire edge of the village.  The three remaining edges were made up of clusters of small houses, where all of the townspeople, including me, lived.

Soon into the dream, a strange cloaked lady (I assume she was some kind of terrorist, given the later events) came up to me, said something about Middle Eastern bees or at least some kind of bee, which I had never heard of.  She then sort of ‘summoned’ a large hive of bees, which then swarmed around me and perhaps stung me, though if they did I felt no pain.

The next part cut to a scene of me and many other people walking up a path along a tall, barbed wire fence.  I was right at the end, along the fence.  Glancing behind me, I saw a guy around my age or perhaps a bit older.  He looked familiar, though I do not know how, and I asked him if his name was Charlie.  He said no but never told me his actual name.  From then on, I merely called him Charlie.  The guy in front of me, slightly shorter than Charlie, had been listening to our conversation and told us his name.  It was either Wayne or Dwayne (I am leaning towards the latter) though I am not positive.

Another scene came into play, with the frenzied townspeople pushing past me and Charlie, who stood still.  Suddenly, Charlie ran off somewhere extremely fast, and an old woman came up to me and said not to worry, that none of us had been swarmed by the bees so we would be alright.  I made no move to correct her that I had, indeed, been swarmed by them.

The bees came up to me (what I assume everybody was running away from) and started to swarm once again.  However, I suddenly was able to run extremely fast and I used this power to hide out in the warehouse.  The warehouse was now, for some reason, an ocean, and I fell downward.  It was like a shipwreck down there, with all the pieces of the merchant’s stands and their goods floating around all over the place.  Soon, I found Charlie hiding out there as well, and he motioned for me to swim up to the surface so he could speak.

I have no idea what he told me, but I believe it was something about his having been swarmed too, and that we were The Chosen Ones or something dopey like that.  However, I did not think it dopey and was instead honored.  We waited at the surface for days, saying nothing, and then we decided it was safe to check out the market and what was going on.

In the marketplace, the townspeople had disappeared.  For some reason, all of the sellers were still there at their stands, but strangely not moving or making any sounds.  We effortlessly swiped some food, with the merchants not even acknowledging us.  Freaked out, Charlie and I went back to the ocean but did not go in.  Instead, we sat on the railing of the ramp that went out of the warehouse and ate our food.  For some reason, all of it was some kind of chocolate.  Now I wonder if this was some sort of defense against the bees.  Maybe it had something in it that protected us.

After many more days, we went underwater and heard a raspy voice again tell us that we were The Chosen Ones.  Instead of the debris underwater, there were strange beings such as a purple monster with two legs and three eyes.

The next parts are all a blur, other than the end part.

In the end, we did something that somehow ended the curse of the bees and the townspeople were cheering.  It seems that they did not know that we ended the trouble, or else did not acknowledge us because we were the ones who started it in the first place, but either way they did not thank us.  After the cheering was over and everything (including the ocean which miraculously disappeared) was back to normal, the dream ended.  I woke up,  not exactly realizing that the whole thing had been a dream, and looked at the time.  9:07 am.  The perfect start to a day.

And it was over.

P.S. Now, I just searched for a culture where bees are feared.  The closest I came to was an article on Africanized bees, bees which swarm much more frequently than other kinds.  Also, “They are more likely to attack a perceived threat and, when they do so, attack relentlessly in larger numbers.”

For that reason, they are often called killer bees.  Maybe Africanized bees are the bees from my dream.  They do bear some similarities.

Either way, the dream has left me wondering many things… and a craving to keep a bar of chocolate with me at all times- just in case.


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