Same old, same old

Wow, how the time flies!  Tomorrow is already Friday, meaning we will have survived a week of school.  Joy!

Tomorrow I have a test in AP Euro.  Our teacher said that he expects us all to fail (it turns out that in the six years of teaching that class, only a handful have passed the first test), so that is comforting.

Today when I got home from school I knit a teensy bit more of my cardigan while watching the end of both Rent and Wordplay.  I really hope I finish the cardigan before the cold weather comes and goes.

Gee, the above sentences came up to exactly one hundred words.  How lovely.

On a side note, today I finished reading Of Mice and Men for English.  I thought I would hate it, but I actually ended up liking it a bit.  Now we are starting To Kill A Mockingbird, which loads of people say is one of the greatest books ever, so that will be exciting.

On yet another side note, I desperately want some Miracle Berry-related something, either the fruit itself or the tablets.  I do not like any vegetables (not an exaggeration at all) and I would like to eat one for once without gagging (no, really, I literally gag every time I eat a vegetable, even if I hold my nose).  So, if anybody for some reason wants to make my life, please send me some.  Eh, I doubt that will happen, but at least I tried.  Learn about this magical fruit here:

I bet you will want one as well.


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