Jibber Jabber, both the mumblings and the toy, and other things

So, ah, hmm, where to begin, where to begin…

We had a cookout on Sunday, s’mores and all.

Yesterday we went to the national zoo, and what fun it was! My father did not feel like driving, so we rode the metro. I LOVE the metro. I have only been on it two or three times in my life, but I loved each of those times. It was so funny on the ride back, because it was during rush hour so all of the business-type people were riding. They were mostly all turned to the same pages in the same newspaper, and I felt like they were all clones. They did not speak, sneeze, or make any noise other than the synchronized rustling of the newspaper. We were the only kids on the metro, and I nearly burst out laughing. It was so so funny.

The zoo part, of course, was a blast as well. It was scorching outside, but fun nonetheless. There were actually a lot of Harry Potter-related things that went on there. Well, conversations, anyway.

For instance-


[in the reptile house]

MY FATHER: Look at all of these reptiles! I sure am glad Harry Potter isn’t here.

[under my breath]: I’m not.


There was a basilisk lizard! Or, it may not have been a lizard at all… it could have been a snake sort of thing. I am not exactly sure, but I felt like breaking the glass and taking out one of its fangs, just in case. Well, not really, but I would have if the wizarding world were real.


There was this Dudley-looking boy around this huge snake looking bored and I thought, ‘Now, where is that skinny cousin of his?’ But, alas, there was none. Petunia was not there either, just him and his father.

I have been looking for ages for a pattern to knit. I am not even sure what I want to knit… I think I like looking at and deciding on a pattern more than the actual knitting.

Yesterday, my father and I were at Super Fresh picking up a few things before bringing dinner home, and I FOUND THE CACTUS I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING EVERY GROCERY STORE FOR!!! Since Jake worked there last summer, I have been looking for cacti in every grocery store. I could not for the life of me remember where I saw them. Then, I halfheartedly searched in the plants section at Super Fresh, and sure enough they were there all along! I bought one right away, and it is on the shelf with my bamboo stalk from Ikea sitting happily. I love it. I am not sure what kind it is but it has a spiky sort of base kind of like this:


and an extremely twisty main part.

Anyway, I have barely gotten anything done for the last many days and I feel utterly useless, so I am going to actually decide on a knitting pattern and make something. First, though, I am going to attempt to put up pictures of the cactus, bamboo, and my wiggly worm scarf.

Okay, the pictures are loading…

Bamboo and cactus (I re-potted the cactus because its previous pot was wobbly):

bamboo cactus




The jibber jabber is a toy that, according to Wikipedia, was discontinued after a number of parents complained that the toy (which made a choking or strangling sound when its head was shaken, intended to be humorous to children) promoted violence. And, as I just realized, WE HAVE ONE OF THESE TOYS! Now we have a jibber jabber AND one of those discontinued Cabbage Patch dolls that ate a kid’s hair when she fell asleep near it. Hooray!

Goodbye now. As I said, I have things to do. Er, I need to do things. Yeah.

EDIT A MOMENT LATER: Whoa, my sense of time is messed up once again… I thought that yesterday was July 9th, but it turns out tomorrow is…

EDIT ANOTHER FEW MOMENTS LATER: I just remembered something else I was planning on mentioning: I signed up for a ton of free samples about four days ago. I received my first today, an amazing yellow box with closet wood samples inside it. I am going to use the box for storing something neat and the wood samples I think I will glue together to make a decoration or paperweight or something. Anyway, it is really neat. I was so excited. I never get mail.

A THIRD EDIT: This is my 111th post!!!  Celebrate!!!


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